Trip to the Zoo

The Albuquerque Biopark Zoo is a wonderful, although often overlooked, destination that we have here in Albuquerque. I recently visited the zoo and was immediately reminded of all the wondrous animals that exist there. My journey was filled with amusement, amazement, and adventure. I got to see everything from a mighty lioness perched on a rock to an adorable baby chimpanzee making faces at the crowd. The zoo even has a week-and-a-half old giraffe named Malika. I  also got to hold a rhinoceros horn and barely dodged a pooping raptor perched above my head.

Not only was the zoo exciting for me, it is also a place that cares for the animals amazingly well compared to other zoos I have visited. Each enclosure is spacious and has a habitat perfectly suited to the creature it houses. I was pleasantly surprised by how active the animals were and how healthy they appeared. The beautiful and organized paths and scenery impressed me as well. However, the thing that surprised me the most was that I had such a different experience from the last time I visited the zoo, which was only a couple of years ago. The zoo is always changing there are always adorable babies being born and new exhibits being added. In fact, the zoo is currently constructing an enclosure for its first penguin exhibit, which is set to open this spring. The pictures below can only capture a small fraction of the experience, so if you haven’t visited the zoo in a while, maybe it is time for you to stop by and see what adventures await you.

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