Seventh-graders at Albuquerque Academy have a special celebration of community that takes place annually around late September or in early October. This celebration is Harvest Fest, and it has been going on since 1994. Harvest Fest has many activities, including chile roasting, tortilla making, line dancing, and drumming in the morning. Before the afternoon begins after lunch, seventh-grade students write out the things they want to leave behind and change about their lives. These papers are put into Mr. Vrot, a tall paper-mache man, clothed in old sheets, and painted by seventh graders that morning. Mr. Vrot is then set on fire, with his eyes glowing and small fireworks from inside him popping out in a fiery presentation. Though this fun event is run by the seventh-grade students and teachers, many other people in the school community come to join the festivities, too. From upper-school students who walk down to West Campus to sample freshly made bread to sixth graders who watch the burning of Mr. Vrot during their last class before performing arts classes, everyone is welcome to participate in the celebration.

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