At 11:20 on Sunday, November 5 in  the small town of Sutherland Springs, Texas. Devin Patrick Kelley, 26, approached First Baptist Church armed with a rifle. Kelley’s first shots came from outside, then grew closer as he moved inside, firing shots left and right. Minutes later, Kelley exited the church and proceeded to shoot at residents who had come out to investigate the noise.

At this point, one brave church neighbor returned fire with a rifle of his own and hit the gunman. Kelley proceeded to get into his vehicle and headed north, toward Guadalupe County, with residents driving after him in pursuit.

Kelley killed 25 people, including a pregnant woman. The victims of the shooting ranged from age 18 months to 77 and  included the 14 year old daughter of the pastor, and Kelley’s grandmother-in-law.

Four percent of the town’s residents were killed in the shooting.

Kelley was found dead in his vehicle with wounds in the leg and torso and a self-inflicted wound to the head.

Officials say Kelley did not have a license to carry firearm as he put down a fake address on the background check form. He purchased four weapons in total– two purchased in Colorado and two purchased in Texas.

Kelley was once a member of the US Air Force and served logistics readiness at Holloman Air Force Base in New Mexico in 2010.

Kelley was court-martialed in 2012 for assaulting his spouse and their child. Tessa Brennaman, Kelley’s ex-husband, said she lived in fear of Kelley. He was found guilty of beating her and fracturing their child’s skull. Kelley received a bad conduct discharge, confinement for 12 months, and a reduction in rank from the Air Force.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott described it as the worst mass shooting in the state’s history.

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