Article and Video By Eliana Yatskowitz; Graphic by Isabel Benak

The 2017-2018 school year will see many changes, one being the transition in 10-12 division leadership from current division head Sonia Roth to current dean of students Christine Lenhart. Lenhart will be taking over Roth’s position as division head as Roth moves to serving the school in a different way as a history faculty member, JV mock trial coach, assistant in college guidance, and part of the support team for incoming juniors.

Roth has served as 10-12 division head for the past 17 years, and has mixed feelings about stepping down. “Obviously, after such a long time, being the division head has become almost baked into my DNA. On the other hand, the best part of the job has always been having relationships with students, so I’m super excited to get to spend more time with students next year!” For both Roth and Lenhart, running a division where there are opportunities for learning and growth is a main goal.

While Roth has worked to create an environment where all students’ opinions are valued, she finds that the hardest part of her role as division head was conflict resolution. “I don’t like conflict. I never have liked it. It is the part of the job I find most challenging,” Roth said. While this has been a hurdle for Roth, she finds benefits in her job when she is able to help people solve problems and put those solutions into action which she is excited to continue to do in her new roles at the school.

As Lenhart steps into a more administrative role, she wants to continue to help build community and school culture, but most importantly to include student and faculty voices to better shape the school community. “I want to continue to create a community where people feel comfortable sharing their opinions and thoughts, and that they feel welcomed to share how they feel about things,” Lenhart said. She hopes that in starting her new position, she will be able to work collectively with students and teachers to enable growth within the school.

As Roth hands the division over to Lenhart, she trusts that she is leaving it in good hands. “The division will be well served with Ms. Lenhart’s special set of talents as she will infuse it with new energy and ideas. I look forward to seeing where she takes us,” Roth said. Although relinquishing some of her administrative role, Roth will still play an instrumental part in the school’s community, while Lenhart explores her new duties as 10-12 division head.

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