Step one: destroy the letter.

What better way to express your frustration and perhaps even (benign) violent rage than physically destroying the letter? Many opt to shred, but ripping, burning, flushing, stomping, tossing, and feeding it to a pet are also viable options. For added effect, take a video of the ordeal and set it to an angsty Taylor Swift song for your later viewing pleasure.

Step two: make an angry breakup playlist.

After you’ve thoroughly vented your rage in a cathartic way, head to Spotify or YouTube and explore all the wonderful breakup songs that seem so appropriate to your current predicament. Popular choices this year include “Titanium (feat. Sia)” by David Guetta, “Some [college] Like You” by Adele, and “All Alright” by Fun. On the other hand, “I’ll Be Watching You” by The Police is probably not the best option.

Step three: write your own song parody.

Make that college regret rejecting you by expressing your creative talents, poetic prowess, and cinematographic genius through your own brilliant song parody about getting rejected by your top-choice college. Film a music video to post on YouTube, and make sure to incorporate the footage of yourself destroying the rejection letter. (What did you think the Academy recording studio was for?)

Step four: become Internet famous.

So now that you’ve made your brilliant song parody, you’ve got to shamelessly self-promote and ensure that your video goes viral. While making yourself an Internet sensation may not convince the college to rescind their rejection, you can ensure that they regret their decision as much as Nic Cage probably regrets filming “Ghost Rider.”

Step five: Netflix binge.

Now that you’ve worked hard on achieving worldwide YouTube fame, now’s the time to relax. Whether it’s “Criminal Minds,” “Doctor Who,” or “Parks and Rec,” you should take advantage of the first Netflix subscription you can get your hands on and binge mindlessly on any show or movie that makes you happy, preferably with a nice tub of ice cream or a bucket of popcorn to keep you company. After all, senioritis has kicked in pretty hard and it’s spring break. What, like you’re going to be doing real work?!

Step six: go out in a blaze of glory.

With senior projects just around the corner, you’ve probably come up with something superb. Whether you’re spending four weeks interning with a chocolatier, rebuilding a car, or biking around the wilderness, it sure is great to get a month off campus and out in the *gasp* real world. The I’m-about-to-graduate-and-don’t-need-to-do-actual-work-anymore euphoria is something in which all seniors deserve to partake. Why should you (or anyone) suffer just because some college messed up?

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